About Us


dQuotient is the service consultancy arm of Third Quotient IT Consultancy Services LLP. Driven by the passion to become the prima donna in the fast growing segment of customer relation management services and business intelligence in India, it has made a name for itself in the niche business market over the past year. With the clear vision of making CRM and Analytics accessible to all the players in the industry, dQuotient has set in motion plans to expand its business multifold in the current financial year. With a strong team of dedicated experts who offer the best technology consulting service,we transform the customer experiences,one company at a time.

Vision And Mission

From the first hello to the last handshake customer stands tall at the center of all businesses and deserves the best an organization can provide for. dQuotient believes in revolutionizing the customer experience the world over. Our efforts are aimed at ensuring all firms across industries and services are able to develop their customer relationships and drive their revenues further.