Web Application for Customer Management

Web applications for customer management are being used by businesses to better organise customer information and leads. It is not just a contact list, but also contains details about a client, their transaction history with the company, and also, information about those customers’ status or place in the sales process. They also provide such analytics related to CRM that helps the business in knowing what the future needs of a customer might be. Using a web application for customer management only requires a browser, database, and a web server.

Benefits of these web applications for customer management:

Easy to use: Complex tasks and customer associations are simplified to a great extent by web applications for Customer Management.

Linear Sales Channel: a Web application for Customer Management is a person based system. Hence, there is linear sales channel.

Multiple sales path and projects: By use of these web applications, you can easily manage more than one sales project at a time for a single customer.

Graphical interface: Through these web applications, you can easily see the place of clients in a sales process. For this purpose, status bars are used.

Modular structure: These web-based applications come in small modules that are quickly implemented, and are scalable.

BPM Optimization using Data Science

BPM stands for Business Process Management. Today, many industries and businesses are making use of data science for the optimization of BPM. This analysis helps the companies to review the existing operational processes better and brings about an improvement by automating them. Optimization of business processes start with analysis, and analysis is the art of data science. This analysis is done by taking the performance data of processes and then identifying actual, or potential bottlenecks. Hence, by making use of this analysis, process designs are enhanced to improve business value and efficiency. This analytics are also used by businesses to achieve five types of intelligence, namely:

  • Performance intelligence
  • Outcome intelligence
  • Social intelligence
  • Situational intelligence
  • Predictive intelligence.

This analytics open up the BPM to new opportunities to simulate potential improvements by analysing processes deeply.

Community Engagement for Customer Relationship

A cloud-based platform that makes it possible for the companies to better connect their customers, employees, and partners with each other, and also share records and data that need to get the work done. These platforms have combined the real life chatter with a real-time ability to share any document, data, or file on any mobile device, and anywhere.

By making use of this, businesses can streamline business operations and extend them across departments and offices, then to partners and customers. This is how Community engagement for customer relationship can make businesses close deals quickly, and get all the work done shortly.

Self-service options on this community cloud empower the customers with the ability to find specific answers to their queries. Here, customers also work together to answer one another’s queries to solve their problems, thus, increasing customer satisfaction by reducing service cases. These also help tag the passionate customers as experts for tackling queries on this, and hence, helping other customers. This fosters deeper customer loyalty and provides a human touch to your brand.