Customer Community

Customer Community

Customer Community is a cloud space to connect the partners, customers, and employees. You can create and customize communities to meet the needs of your business.

Customer Community is a web-based platform through which employees, partners, and customers connect with each other. These web portals have combined the traditional online chatter with options to share any data or a file on any device that has an internet connection.

These customer communities are used to discuss service issues or product problems, brainstorm new ideas for products and post product/service reviews, thus, making interaction and communication with the companies possible, and faster, on the go. Cloud Customer Community has offered real-time means to get into a conversation with the company which is otherwise not possible with traditional means of communication, such as emails or phone calls.

Another such main reason to use Customer Community is the anonymity they provide which allows complaining about poor service without providing customer information. Also, the companies are working to incorporate the customer information in online forums into the data of back office including financial applications, CRM, and ERP. Hence, these communities are the best alternative to costly contact centers.

Industries these days are using these cloud supported Customer Communities to help customers get an answer to their queries by appointing an expert for the same. The advent of the web, mobile devices, and social media has led to a significant increase in the cloud-based customer communities.

BENEFITS OF Customer Community:

  • Accelerate sales: Customer Community helps in accelerating sales by connecting a user directly with partners and resellers to provide expert information.
  • Stellar service: These CRM based communities provide self-service options to satisfy the inquiries of customers.
  • Directly connect with customers: This direct interaction through feedback and reviews helps build deeper relationships with customers benefitting the whole process of CRM.
  • • Workplace transformation: These communities helps the employees find apps and expert information, enabling them to be productive and more engaged.
  • • Community building: These communities allow collaboration with vendors, suppliers, agencies, or any member of the ecosystem of business. You can also connect job applicants, retail locations, alumni, students, patients, or anyone required to make the business success.

Our cloud Customer Communities can be very well used to increases sales by connecting the suppliers, resellers, distributors with your employees. They help deliver high-class self-service to the customers in a single place, providing them with the answers they need. Cloud communities help manage workflow, engagement, content, and social listening in one single web space.