AppExchange Product Development

AppExchange Product Development

Companies are always looking to release products; in terms of monetisability, a service can barely hold a candle to products. AppExchange product development is focused on developing products for Salesforce AppExchange Platform.

Product Development team monitors their products closely and keeps a check on whether the products are on target for release, and which of the development phases are complete. It also tracks information about the products’ target demographic groups and upcoming versions of products. Additionally, it uses product profitability data to prioritize how resources should be utilized.

Right from the beginning, through design, manufacturing, and launch, Product development provides a way for everyone who participates in product development to share information, regardless of their department or role.

All essential elements of the product lifecycle, including development, testing, and anticipated release date are tracked.

Clients can view factors that may impact their product launch and comprehensive customer centric reports keep you on top of the development process. These factors include issues like, how testing resources are distributed, and where bugs are causing problems? The user’s team can quickly see which requests and documentations have been logged for a product.

The AppExchange Product Development Services are used to develop applications that can be deployed on App marketplace – AppExchange. AppExchange helps more than 2000 Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to reach thousands of

customers offering applications that either extends CRM functionality, or provide a solution entirely different from Salesforce CRM.

The AppExchange Product Development Services include:

  • AppExchange App planning
  • App Architecture Blueprint
  • App Prototype development
  • Competitive analysis
  • Go to market app strategy
  • App Design
  • App Development
  • App Packaging
  • Custom Connector
  • Adapter Development
  • AppExchange Security Review Assistance

Before getting listed, all AppExchange products are required to pass a security review conducted by the Security Team. Users may use consultants to conduct an external review and can provide guidance during the security review process.

The AppExchange Security Review Assistance services include:

  • External Security Review
  • Security Review Assistance

AppExchange product development is done with the Client and the customer in mind. So that everyone gets what they deserve.